Entire generations, from the first interrail pass inaugurated in 1972, have traveled to Europe.
The European Commission has decided this year to give ticket free for the Interrail. Already this summer more than two thousand italian guys born in 2000 can leave for free.
Brussels, by 2020, wants at least two million new European adults to travel free for free.
The leader of the people in the European parliament Manfred Weber declares that this is only the beginning and that they will put pressure to extend it to everyone.
He then goes on to say that we must ensure that young people return to being enthusiastic about Europe.
The European commissioner for education Tibor Navracsics explains that the meaning of this project is to develop European identity, strengthen common values and promote the discovery of cultures on the continent. Another objective no less important than those listed above is to reduce CO2 missions, making young people move with trains.
Interrail remains the rite of transition from adolescence to the adult world.
Compared to the past, today families also travel with interrail. You can be comfortable in first class, but the prices are considered less convenient as the competition of low cost flights is felt.
After a crisis in the 2000s, interrail has returned to growth.
The preferred routes are those from Berlin to Prague, from Hamburg to Copenhagen, but also from Prague and Budapest to Vienna and Amsterdam.
There are a lot of advice on how to leave: better alone, at most in four, and placed near the window.
Interrail is reserved for European citizens only.
The connected countries are thirty.
The cost of the Global pass for guys aged 12 to 27 is 510 euros.
The length of the routes in Europe is one hundred seventy thousand eight hundred and sixty. The longest possible journey in Europe without changing trains is Paris-Warsaw. It is long one thousand six hundred kilometers.
The countries that are part of the interrail are Lisbon, Madrid, Barcellona, Naples, Rome, Venezia, Milano, Zurich, Lyon, Paris, Monaco, London, Brussels, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Berlin, Prague, Vienna , Warsaw, Budapest, Zagreb, Bucharest, Sofia, Thessaloniki.


The writer Enrico Brizzi tells his experience with Interrail.
He explains that this adventure was a dizzying of wonders, unexpected encounters, small emergencies to be remedied, just to continue their journey they sold clocks and other things to get money to pay for new tickets and food.





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